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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsFor years, people have been utilizing the powerful properties of certain scents for a variety of reasons. Some people have used them for healing purposes, but others have utilized them for relaxation purposes. Finally, some people use them to repel bugs. Surprisingly, powerful scents like peppermint, tea tree oil, and lavender can repel certain pests. While this might be the case, there is some misinformation out there. Here’s what you need to know about using certain scents to keep bedbugs away from your home. It only makes sense that certain scents could repeal bed bugs. To gain a better understanding of this, you must understand how these powerful scents work. A lot of repellents utilize what are known as pheromones. Nymph pheromones are extremely effective at repelling bed bugs because that’s exactly what they were designed to do. Baby nymphs secrete these scents when male bed bugs try to mate with them. They secrete them as a defensive mechanism to deter the bedbug away. While this is effective, it isn’t universally effective. It means that these scents are only effective against male, adult bed bugs. These scents would not affect baby bedbugs or females. Regardless, this is why it is imperative to understand how scents repel the bugs. And, that’s what the United States Department of Agriculture has been trying to uncover. One such study revealed that these scents and aromas affected the bug’s bodies. As a result, the scents repelled bedbugs to some degree. Another study also revealed that these aromas are only so effective. Some of the more effective scents have proven to be blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil. While these scents are extremely limited in their effectiveness, they are only going to be more effective when combined with power additives like nymph pheromones. Just remember that there are better ways to deter bedbugs and working with a professional is recommended.

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