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Heat Treatment

Having bed bugs in your home is not good. It doesn’t help that they can spread to other parts of the property and they’ll be extremely difficult to eliminate. Killing them all will be a huge undertaking that could take months of hard, dedicated work. It is best to start with a tried and proven method that can potentially eliminate the entire infestation. Although there are others, the best method is our thermal heat treatment. If you’ve been doing any research into bed bug treatments, you’ve likely heard of heat treatments.

The treatment has grown in popularity thanks to its efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to offering heat treatments, we also offer traditional pesticide treatments and more. Here’s what you need to know about the heat treatments we offer.

How Thermal Heat Treatment Works

In theory, the heat treatment process is simple. It involves bringing in special equipment to raise the temperatures in the home. The temperatures must be raised to 140 degrees F or above. These extreme temperatures will kill bed bugs after about 90 minutes or so of exposure. Assuming that bugs do not escape the home or get somewhere where the temperature is not hot enough, they will die when exposed to these temperatures.

The Most Effective Option

There is now a slew of bed bug treatments for eliminating bed bugs. Despite this, there is no other option more effective than thermal heat treatments. Just remember that it has to be administered correctly to ensure its effectiveness. When everything is done by the books, heat treatment is the most effective way to eliminate bedbugs. When exposed to 140 degrees F or higher for 90 minutes or more these bugs will not survive.

And, this is not the only reason the treatment is so effective. It can reach into other areas where other treatments can’t reach. It can get behind baseboards, into electrical outlets, in cracks and crevices, and more. Even better is the fact that it doesn’t have a residual effect. Meaning, you can safely come back into the property immediately after the treatment has been administered. Heat eliminates bedbugs at all stages so it will kill babies and eggs too.

Properly Monitoring Thermal Heat Treatments

What you’ve learned so far is that our thermal heat treatment involves bringing in specialized equipment to raise the temperatures to 140 degrees F or higher for 90 minutes. The temperature and time here are keys. It is imperative that these bugs are exposed to these extreme temperatures for this length of time. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective. This is why we have trained our technicians to the fullest. We’re confident that they’ll follow our protocols and provide our clients with lightning-fast, satisfactory results.

The technician will carefully monitor the temperatures to ensure that they do not drop too low. The key to successful thermal heat treatment is sustaining high temperatures consistently without fluctuations. Doing so will eliminate the bugs at all stages and in all their hiding spots.

Evacuating The Home During Treatment

As you can likely imagine, you do not want to be in the home when the temperatures are this high. It would not only be uncomfortable, but it could be potentially dangerous. This is why we evacuate everyone, including pets, from the property when administering these treatments. Since there is no residual effect, you can immediately come back to the property after treatment.

Indeed, a sauna is capable of reaching these temperatures, but you are not nearly inside a sauna for as long as you would be on the property during heat treatment. Whether you have more questions, want an assessment, or want to see if you qualify for heat treatment, you can give us a call. We always have a trained and qualify tech standing by.

Although there are other bedbug treatments, heat is the best option. It’ll wipe out the pests while keeping everyone in your house safe.

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