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Prep Guide

  1. Purchase some black contractor bags from Home Depot
  2. Bag up everything around the room from nightstands, closets, dressers, and bookcases. Note: Linen, Clothing, Bedding, and Curtains must be removed.
  3. Wash all clothing and bedding in hot water. Dry everything at a high temperature for 45 minutes. The longer the better!
  4. Remove all pictures off the walls to be steamed.
  5. Clean up rooms completely under the bed, closets, etc.
  6. Make the room as open as possible.

We steam couches but don’t Guarantee It! Due to the fact that it is too many cracks, and crevices that the steam can’t reach or get into.

Please follow all these instructions to ensure our success in getting your peace of mind, and residence back.



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