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Beetles are common in our area so you’ll want to learn as much about them as possible. These insects have two wing sets and poor eyesight. Most people know that beetles are problematic for the environment but they’re helpful too. Therefore, you shouldn’t eradicate beetles found in the woods or parks. Once they invade your home, it is pertinent to get rid of those beetles. In the United States, you can find a few thousand species of beetles. Despite having different appearances, all species belong to the same order. In our area, the most common beetle species include longhorn beetles, ground beetles, and powder power beetles. These beetles need to be dealt with promptly.

Reasons Beetles Are In Your Home

Beetles are simple pests that enter properties for certain reasons. They approach properties that give them what they need. For instance, they tend to invade properties that have rotting wood and old lumber. They’re also attracted to firewood and leaf piles. At night, they will fly toward bright lights. To keep them away from your home, be sure to keep your yard clean. Get rid of debris and you may prevent them from invading your property.

How Dangerous Are Beetles?

Thankfully, beetles are not physically dangerous to humans or pets. However, they pose a whole set of risks. First and foremost, certain species are going to destroy wood products. The powder post beetle can cause immense damage to wood surfaces, objects, and structures. If you don’t fix the problem quickly, there is a risk that they’re going to cause expensive damage to your home.

Eradicating Beetles Around Your Property

You’ll want to work with a qualified exterminator in your area. Doing so will prove to be the best way to deal with the problem. As soon as you find beetles and the signs of an infestation around your property, contact us. We’ll work swiftly to get rid of these pests before they can severely damage your home.

Removing These Pests On Your Own

These pests can be difficult to eliminate without professional assistance. It takes a lot of experience and time to properly eradicate beetles. Therefore, ordinary homeowners won’t have much success when using DIY methods to fix the problem. Many DIY methods are ineffective, inefficient, and unsafe. Therefore, it is usually best to team up with a professional exterminator. Remember that we’re here to serve you. Our primary goal is to help you fix the problem while providing you with maximum protection.

When Can The Extermination Start?

Don’t waste time because doing so will only create more problems. Contact our office and we can call you back within 48 hours.

We Offer Safe Beetle Solutions

Our technicians are ready to help you fix the problem at hand. We always provide our clients with safe solutions. For instance, we instruct our exterminators to follow precise guidelines when eradicating beetles. They’ll protect you every step of the way by using proven techniques. The methods we use do not pose any risks to people or pets. Our products have been tested extensively by the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, we know that they’re going to work and keep you safe.

The Cost Of Our Beetle Services

We try to provide our clients with standard services. When the standard services are used, the price will be set based on the size of your home or property. Before the procedure begins, you’ll receive a bid price that you can approve or refuse.

Preventing Beetles From Invading

It is difficult to keep beetles away from your property. Still, you should try keeping your yard clean. Get rid of debris. Remember to call us when you find beetles around your home.

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