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Professional Stink Bug Pest Control Los Angeles CA

Nearly everyone has heard the term “stink bug” at least once in their lifetime. What is the stink bug? The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug “BMSB” has earned the nickname “stink bug,” thanks to its pyridine secretion. The first Americans to report sightings of the stink bug were Philadelphians in 1996. Residents of the small Philadelphia city, Allentown encountered stinkbugs after their arrival from Asia.

The stink bug grows up to ¾ inches (19 millimeters) in length. The shell-like wings, body, legs, and antennas are marmorated, which is how the insect got its taxonomic name. The marmorated pattern and shield-shaped body make the stink bug easily identifiable.

Why Are Stink Bugs Invading My Los Angeles Property?

Stink bugs have been classified as “overwintering pests.” What is an overwintering pest? An overwintering pest is a classification utilized when referencing insect species that overwinter (hibernate.)

Beginning in the late fall, stink bugs gather outside commercial and industrial establishments. These are some of the most patient insects, as they are seen waiting patiently for the right opportunity to invade a human habitat. It does not take long for the stink bug to get its chance when the property owner opens the front door. Stink bugs infiltrate homes through open windows and doors because they offer the easiest and quickest access to the establishment.

Other access points utilized by stink bugs to infiltrate homes include vulnerable HVAC ducts, damaged soffit, electrical wiring passageways, and loose entrance door thresholds.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous To Children?

No, stink bugs do not pose a health threat to children, teens, or adults. However, the insects are considered to many as unwanted pests. The insect does not bite, reducing the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions. 

Like other overwintering pestsladybug, box elder bug, ant, termite, and earwig – the stink bug does not reproduce following home infiltration. Overwintering begins as winter is set to kick in, running through the entire season and finally, coming to an end in mid-spring.

Stink bugs infiltrate residential and commercial establishments to avoid spending overwintering exposed to the winter elements. Being an overwintering pest comes with many risks, especially in the winter season.

As previously mentioned, overwintering is a deep sleep-like state similar to that of hibernation. The activity of overwintering stink bugs is limited to the regular repositioning of the body. Unlike other insect species, the overwintering stink bug does not feed throughout the winter season. Instead, the insect survives on minimal nutrients from stored fats.

How Can Homeowners Eradicate Overwintering Stink Bugs In Their Homes?

Los Angeles consumers have two primary stink bug control options to choose from. These options include do-it-yourself and professional pest management. DIY pest control is more suitable for minor stink bug problems because it relies on standard-grade pesticides. Professional pest control, on the other hand, is suitable for minor to severe infestations.

A stink bug problem may be limited to a dozen insects. While a stink bug infestation could involve hundreds, if not thousands of insects. Professional pest control utilizes industrial-strength pesticides, administered by licensed exterminators. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure direct contact, fewer safety risks, and speedier eradication of stink bugs.

Our exterminators utilize a heavy-duty spray and wand, with a 90-degree nozzle to achieve direct contact with stink bugs. When applied directly, industrial-strength insecticides can achieve maximum extermination in as little as two treatments.

Do Over-The-Counter Pesticides Work For Infestation Of Bed Bugs?

We do not believe over-the-counter pesticides, which are standard-grade, can fully eradicate a stink bug infestation. In fact, we believe DIY pest control will offer little to no relief for stink bug infestation.

For consumers who are unsure as to which level of severity they are dealing with, we suggest a stink bug inspection. An inspection is a visual assessment of a pest-infested property. Our exterminators initiate inspections in high-risk rooms of the impacted home or business.

No one knows stink bugs like our extermination team. Our exterminators have successfully completed accredited educational courses in California. In addition to this special training, our exterminators are required to partake in annual pesticide safety courses. We also hold regular employee training programs to keep our pest control experts up-to-date on newly released technologies, equipment, and techniques.

Is Professional Stink Bug Service Affordable?

We believe it is possible to keep our pest control service prices affordable for all Los Angeles consumers. Through custom stink bug management strategies, we can ensure 100 percent eradication, without our clients breaking the bank.

We highly recommend our written estimates or quotes. This is a free service offered by our Los Angeles pest control company. It is only available via an appointment.

What Can Los Angeles Property Owners Do To Avoid Future Stink Bug Infiltration?

When consumers join forces with our exterminators, anything is possible. As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” This is especially true in the California pest control industry. When consumers partner with our exterminators, stink bugs do not have a chance.

We always encourage our clients to get involved in the pest control process right from the get-go. The client should focus all attention on the structural components responsible for the stink bug infiltration. Structural components like windows and door frames, siding, soffit, fascia, garage doors, crawlspace and attic vents, exterior walls, and wall passages need to be in perfect condition.

We highly recommend investing in a waterproof sealant (caulk or silicone), foam insulation, metal sheeting, stainless steel pot scrubbers, window and door trim, and lath screen. Utilize these materials to seal access openings around the foundation, crawlspace and attic vents, garage doors, dryer & air conditioning ducts, fascia, soffit, gutters, and utility passageways.

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