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Box Elder Bugs

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Professional Box Elder Bug Los Angeles CA

The box elder bug is a member of the “Rhopalidae” family. While the box elder bug is referred to as a “scentless plant bug,” it generates a pyridine-based secretion that smells retched. In addition to a foul odor, the pyridine secretion has staining agents. Once you have been introduced to the box elder bug’s pyridine secretion, you will never forget it. In fact, witnesses admit to having extraordinary abilities to identify the secretion produced by box elder bugs.

Why Is My Los Angeles Property Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

Gaps, cracks, and holes in window and door frames, air conditioning vents, and dryer ducts can become access points for box elder bugs. As an overwintering pest, the box elder bug infiltrates commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. When the insect infiltrates homes, shelter is the primary reason.

Why do box elder bugs infiltrate homes for shelter? The insect is an overwintering pest, meaning the insect spends the winter season in a deep sleep. Taking refuge indoors means a warm and safe shelter for box elder bugs. It also means, no exposure to the harsh winter weather. Which is dangerous for the overwintering box elder bug.

Do Box Elder Bugs Carry Parasites?

No, the box elder bug is a harmful insect. The species does not transmit parasites or diseases to humans or animals. The insect’s most intrusive feature is pyridine secretion, which is part of a natural safety mechanism. The secretion acts as a pest deterrent for predatory insects and parasites.

Boxelder bugs do not have mandibles or mouthparts capable of damaging the structural components of a building. So, you do not need to be concerned about the safety of your home. Trees are also safe around box elder bugs, even though they feed on the sap of cones and seeds of various species. The insect has its very own namesake, the box elder tree.

How Do Exterminators Eradicate Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs colonize in the late fall in preparation for overwintering, a hibernation-like deep sleep. Exterminators do not play around with box elder bugs or any other insect species for that matter. When Los Angeles consumers reach out to our exterminators for assistance in eradicating a colony of box elder bugs, we are ready to go.

Our state-of-the-art pest control equipment and techniques can be executed within 24 and 48 hours. Our recommendation is professional pest control, which combines an industrial-strength insecticide, inspection, and traps.

Should Consumers Try To Eradicate Box Elder Bugs With Over-The-Counter Pesticides?

There are no rules when it comes to treating box elder bugs. In fact, it really depends on the consumer, as to which pest control route to take. However, for consumers who desire speedy, successful extermination, over-the-counter pesticides are not the solution. Over-the-counter pesticides are standard formulas, meaning they are not high potency like our industrial-strength formulas.

DIY pest control is not suitable for box elder bug infestation. It may be suitable for a minor pest problem, not an infestation.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Box Elder Bug Inspection Request In Los Angeles?

Our customer support can process all pest control service requests within 24 and 48 hours. During the peak season for box elder bugs, the process may be extended by 24 hours or longer. When consumers believe their pest problems deserve immediate attention, we suggest our same-day and emergency services.

Does Box Elder Bug Insecticide Contain Chemicals?

Conventional box elder insecticides do contain chemicals. Thanks to government pesticide campaigns, chemical pesticides are gaining a lot of attention in Los Angeles. The chemicals found in conventional pesticides may harm the environment. Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), conventional pesticides can be administered with minimal risks.

In the United States, all manufacturers are required to seed EPA approval for their pesticides. The approval process is drawn out by several years to ensure a thorough investigation of each brand.

How Can Los Angeles Owners Keep Their Properties Safe From Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are not a dangerous insect species. However, humans are not willing to open up their homes to these overwintering pests. Boxelder bug activity is at its highest in the late fall and mid-spring. Being prepared by sealing all exterior-to-interior openings is the best place to start.

We highly suggest a quality waterproof sealant, such as silicone or caulk. Fill each opening to the brim and allow to dry for at least 12 hours before reassessing.

We also suggest sealing passageways for the electrical and plumbing services. These passageways are generally extremely large, leading from the public service provider’s mainline and into the home. While boxelder bugs are known to utilize these openings to infiltrate homes, rodents and other pests access them as well. Custom metal sheeting is more effective than plywood sheeting, but both options will work.

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