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Ants can be found throughout the United States. They live in our city and they can create problems for locals. We understand ants better than anyone so we can get rid of them for you swiftly. Ants are social pests that are members of the Formicidae family. They live in large colonies with most of them being underground. Today, there are more than 12,000 known ant species, but some researchers believe there could be 14,000 or more. They’re easy to identify because they have unique appearances. For instance, they have elbowed antennas and a pinched waist. They are everywhere so you’ve likely spotted a few ants during your days.

Unfortunately, ants are highly successful no matter what they’re doing. Whether they’re searching for food, foraging for food, or build tunnels, they’ll work as a team. They’re going to be a difficult puzzle to solve unless you’re working with a qualified exterminator like us.

Reasons You Have Ants At Home

Ants tend to enter residences in our area because they’re foraging for food. However, most ant colonies are built outside underground. The number of ants living in a colony can vary significantly. During the early days of the infestation, it’ll have a few hundred ants. Before you know it, the colony will expand to thousands of ants. These pests breed quickly so the infestation is only going to get larger. These pests prefer being outside but they can enter residences to search for food. When they decide to enter a residence, they’ll have many ways to enter the dwelling. For instance, they can enter through gaps around window frames and door frames. Alternatively, they’ll slip through gaps around plumbing pipes and utility lines.

Dangers Linked To Ants

You can’t ignore a pest infestation because some pests are incredibly dangerous. However, the dangers involved ultimately depend on the pest you’re dealing with. Ants create numerous issues for locals but they’re normally not physically dangerous. They don’t bite or transmit illnesses. They can contaminate your food products but they don’t carry or transmit serious illnesses. The primary worry is that these pests are going to cause damage to your structure.

Eradicating Ants Around Your Home

Although it should be simple, ants are difficult to eliminate. The problem is that ants build and use many nests. All of their nests are interlinked. When attempting to deal with the problem, you have to treat each nest. Missing one means that the ants are going to remain. They’ll begin working to build new nests. You can try fixing the problem on your own, but we’re worried that you’ll experience numerous issues. We encourage you to take advantage of our small ant services. We offer small-scale services so we can identify, eliminate, and prevent ants. When you’re ready, remember that we’re waiting for your call.

Fixing The Issue With DIY Techniques

We understand that many consumers want to tackle such problems on their own. Although some pest infestations are doable, others are not. We cannot stress the importance of using safe, reliable pest control methods. Some techniques can help you do it yourself but they may not be reliable and efficient. Again, these pests are difficult to eliminate because they live in many interlinked nests. All nests have to be treated or the ants will survive. Furthermore, misusing and incorrectly missing DIY products could be dangerous. Our technicians can protect you while wiping out the pests conveniently. Call us so we can deal with the infestation for you.

When Are You Going To Begin?

When you’re ready to reclaim your home from ants, contact our local office. After your call, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours or sooner.

How Safe Are Your Ant Treatments?

We understand how much you want to protect yourself and your loved ones. We will do everything we can to help you achieve this goal. We always work diligently to ensure that our clients are going to be protected. One thing we do is use EPA-registered products. We prefer these products because they’re safe, reliable, and convenient. All of the products we use are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency so they’ve been tested extensively. In some cases, specific precautions must be taken to guarantee your safety. If this is the case, we’re going to let you know. Our technician will let you know what you need to do to protect the people you love.

Preventing Ants From Invading Your Home

It can be difficult to prevent ants from invading your home. Still, you can take steps to reduce the risks. For starters, you need to secure your food in durable, airtight containers. Make sure that ants cannot find food in your home. Furthermore, you should take steps to properly seal your home’s exterior walls.  Deal with any small gaps and cracks so these pests cannot get inside.

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