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Eco-Friendly Treatments

In Los Angeles, more people are becoming aware of the need to follow a green lifestyle. The need for green practices couldn’t be more important than in the pest management industry. This is something we understand all too well. We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area for years while providing green pest management services. Besides offering green services, we also utilize pesticides and chemicals. We will likely continue to use them in many situations but we prefer relying on eco-green services.

These chemicals have proven effective time and time again in various pest management applications. Plus, we do try to utilize such treatments in the safest ways possible. We require our trained and certified technicians to learn how to administer eco-green treatments. With this in mind, you’ll be glad to know that we are now offering a handful of eco-friendly solutions as well. While they are not always suitable for every situation, we try to take advantage of them whenever we possibly can.

Safer For Everyone Involved

Any time there are pets or children in the home safety precautions need to be taken. You should be concerned for your safety as well, but unfortunately, most people overlook this. Besides that, this is one of the many reasons to take advantage of greener pest solutions. Our new selection of eco-friendly treatment options includes cryonite treatments, steam treatments, and thermal heat treatments.

Our eco-friendly options, unfortunately, cost a bit more than our traditional offerings as of right now. However, we’re confident that they’ll be well worth it.

Our Eco-Friendly Solutions

There is no denying that our eco-friendly solutions are safer than traditional solutions. However, they might not be suitable for every situation. Nevertheless, they’re often the best choice. We proudly recommend eco-friendly treatments because they’re safe, reliable, and safe for the environment. Continue reading below to learn more about the eco-friendly services we offer.

  • Cryonite – Our cryonite treatment works by utilizing CO2 to freeze the target on contact. There are no residues with this treatment and the results are immediate. When used correctly, it can kill a whole slew of insects on contact.
  • Thermal Heat Treatments – Our thermal heat raises the temperature in the home. We’ll maintain it for 90 minutes to ensure that all stages of bed bugs are eradicated. Our thermal heat treatments eliminate bedbugs hiding in deep cracks and crevices. It eradicates adults, nymphs, larvae, and eggs. When relying on bedbug heat treatments, the bedbugs either escape the home or die.
  • Steam Treatment – Our steam offerings work similarly to cryonite. Both are applied in an identical manner. The bedbug streamer is used to administer steam to the impacted areas. Our steam treatments can reach bedbugs hiding in cracks and crevices.

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