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Lady Bugs

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Ladybugs are commonly found in Los Angeles, California. Ladybugs belong to the Coccinellidae beetle family. They can be as small as 1/32 of an inch and as large as half an inch. They’re often yellow, scarlet, or orange. Ladybugs have black dots on their wings. As for their legs, antennas, and head, they’re primarily black. Around the world, researchers have identified more than 5,000 ladybug species. 450 or more are native to the North American continent. Although most are harmless, a few species are considered pests in Europe and America. Still, most ladybugs are beneficial because they help eliminate other pests.

For instance, they can be used to kill mites, scale insects, and aphids. The Mall of America uses ladybugs to protect their gardens from aphids.

Reasons Ladybugs Are In Your Home

Are you wondering why ladybugs have decided to invade your home? You’re not alone. Many Los Angeles residents will ask this at some point. Well, it should be noted that ladybugs are overwintering pests. They cannot tolerate the cold temperatures of winter so they need to enter your home and hide. In early fall, they’re going to start looking for ways to enter your home. Once they sneak inside, they’ll find plenty of places to hide and stay until the warm temperatures return. The primary pest species was brought to America in the 20th century to eliminate aphids and protect crops. Since they survived through winter, their population and exploded and they quickly became problematic.

Dangers Linked To Ladybugs

It would be foolish to ignore any pest infestation. However, some pests are dangerous and others are not. Thankfully, ladybugs fit into the latter category. Although these pests create numerous problems, they do not pose health risks to people or pets. The Asian lady beetle can supposedly nip your skin but it doesn’t happen often. Ladybugs do not carry or transmit deadly illnesses. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is cleaning up the mess they’ve left behind.

Eliminating Ladybugs In Your Dwelling

Once ladybugs have invaded your dwelling, you should do what you can to get rid of them. It won’t be easy, but you can do it. Contact our office and let us fix the problem for you. We offer comprehensive, full-scale ladybug services so we can fix the problem swiftly. Remember that ladybugs are going to leave on their own. They only want to stay in your home during winter. Once the warm temperatures arrive, these pests want to return outside. Ladybugs do not establish centralized nests. If you want to get rid of them, you’ll have to treat each bug. Suffice to say, this further complicates the problem.

We’re happy to serve Los Angeles and all nearby areas. Contact us and we’ll find a solution to the problem for you.

Dealing With Ladybugs On Your Own

You’ve likely considered finding a DIY solution. Although this is one option, it might not be wise. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems linked to tackling the problem using do-it-yourself remedies. Certain DIY methods can indeed eliminate ladybugs. However, you have to eliminate each bug individually. If you miss one or two, the infestation will remain and worsen over time. Plus, some of the products used during DIY treatments can be dangerous.

When Can You Start?

Contact our Los Angeles office to get started. A company representative will call you within a day or two.

We Offer Safe Ladybug Treatments

We always work diligently to provide our clients with safe solutions for their ladybug problems. We know how much you want to protect your assets and your loved ones. We’re going to help you achieve this goal. We always put our clients’ safety first. Our technicians are trained and instructed to administer safe products in your home. These products received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency so we know they’re safe and consistent. Although they’re powerful enough to eliminate the problem, they won’t expose you to any health hazards.

Preventing Ladybugs From Returning

You don’t want to deal with another invasion. To avoid it, you should defend your home from these pests. Try sealing gaps around doors, windows, pipes, and cables. Eliminate all entry points so these pests can’t find a way to invade your dwelling.

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