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Things To Know About Living In Los Angeles, California

When most people think of Los Angeles, they automatically imagine Hollywood. While Hollywood is a huge part of Los Angeles, it is not all that this great city has to offer. There are tons of attractions, amazing sites to see, and lots of new people to meet. With that being said, there are also some downsides to the city. If you are interested in moving to Los Angeles or just visiting the city, you will find the facts below very valuable.

Entertainment Industry

Just because someone lives in Los Angeles does not mean that they are in the Entertainment Industry. This is sometimes a big misconception made by many aspiring actors or actresses.

Knowing the City

If you really want to experience all that Los Angeles has to offer, it helps if you know a native of the land. The reason for this is because there are so many hidden places all throughout the whole city. The city really has some great things to offer, but they are often times hidden. If you do not know anyone from Los Angeles, you could always try speaking with the locals and maybe they could shed some light.

West Hollywood

People not familiar with Los Angeles always assume that West Hollywood is located in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, West Hollywood is not located in Los Angeles. In fact it is a city all by itself. West Hollywood has its very own City Hall and Mayor.

Hollywood Has Changed

If you are moving to Los Angeles to be an aspiring actor or actress, you should know that a lot of the Hollywood studios have relocated to more spacious areas like Burbank or the Westside. However, if you are just looking for attractions, then Hollywood is still a big tourist hub. You could visit the Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre, and the popular Hollywood Blvd.


If you are looking for fun in the sun and sand, then Los Angeles will be great for you. You will especially like the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica. At this location you will find a huge pool, volleyball courts, a café, fitness center, and even an event house.

You Will Need a Vehicle

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States. It does have a public transit, but the subway does not have a central hub. This makes it very hard to navigate your way through the subway systems, if you are not familiar with the area. To say the least the public transit system is very complicated and you would be better off with a rental vehicle.


Due to the fact that most people drive a car and the city is so populated there is a huge amount of smog. However, the air quality is improving due to all the new air law being passed.

Fresh Produce

If you are a fan of fresh produce, then you will love all the produce that Los Angeles has to offer. The city has some of the biggest, brightest, juiciest, and sweetest produce you will ever see or taste.