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Put Los Angeles, California At The Top Of Your Travel List

With COVID-19 restrictions finally begin loosened, many Americans are hitting the road and traveling to new locations. Isn’t it time you packed your bags and took the family on a road trip? When planning your next getaway, it is pertinent to pick a destination that works exceptionally well for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to add Los Angeles to your list of possible destinations because it has plenty to offer. Besides being home to some of the coolest attractions, Los Angeles is full of friendly people who’ll treat you like family. Below, you’ll learn more about the city’s top attractions.

The Hollywood Sign

When visiting Los Angeles, you cannot afford to ignore the Hollywood sign. You’ve seen it numerous times on television and in movies, but you’ve never seen it up close and personal. With that being said, you should make it a top priority to check it out during your trip to Los Angeles. You likely won’t be able to hide directly to the sign but you can pretty close. Remember that the sign is located in Griffith Park so you can kill two birds during your visit.

Griffith Park

While you are checking out the Hollywood sign, you might as well spend time at Griffith Park. It is home to the Hollywood Sign so you won’t have to travel far. The park is situated between Los Feliz Boulevard, Route 134, and the LA River. The park has a lot to offer, including Griffith Observatory. Alternatively, you can kick back and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery. If it is sunny, bring your picnic basket and camera. The park has many beautiful overlooks and the scenery is undeniably beautiful.

Travel Town

Next, you’ll want to make a stop at Travel Town. It is one of Los Angeles’s neatest attractions. Since it is located on the northwest corner of the park, you can visit all three attractions in one day. The museum focuses on the history of trains. During your visit, you’ll see a lot of amazing trains, cabooses, engines, and more. The museum has many artifacts and exhibits so it’ll keep you busy for hours and hours. Don’t forget to enjoy a ride on the miniature train before you leave!

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

If you’re a fan of Hollywood celebrities, you cannot enjoy the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When you visit the Walk of Fame, you might encounter a celebrity or two. Who knows? The sidewalk is unlike anything else in the world because it contains countless celebrity handprints. In addition to this, the area is home to many great shops. Whether you want to shop or compare your hand size with a celebrity, you’ll love visiting the Wall of Fame in Los Angeles.